The Economy: Failing Grade!

Stephen Harper has talked a lot about his government’s strength in economic growth. But in recent years, approximately 80% of the new jobs that have been created are part-time. Manufacturing jobs have suffered from the high dollar. Income inequality is growing faster than any other industrialized nation.

Under the Harper government we are seeing a mass exodus as more jobs are lost. This past month, January 2015, we see retailer Target Canada closing its doors, shutting 133 stores across Canada and affecting  17,600 workers. Sony closed 14 Stores resulting in 90 workers losing their jobs. Other closings announced in the recent year:

  • Mexx Canada, in December 2014, closed 95 stores in Canada
  • In November, 2014, Smart Set, announced it would close 107 stores
  • In October 2014, Jacob, a woman’s retailer, it would close 92 stores
  • In October 2014, Sears Canada announced it would sell its stake in the Canadian units to raise money
  • In January 2014, Sears Canada announced it was cutting 2,200 workers from its payroll.

Conservatives tax cuts were supposed to create good jobs. They haven’t worked. We have seen a decline in well paid full-time employment; most of the new jobs are poorly paid, part-time and insecure. Meanwhile corporations have grabbed their tax-cuts and given them to their CEO’s or taken them out of the country.

The Conservatives have continued the economic policies of the federal governments, Liberal and Conservatives, over the last 35 years –cuts to public services and reduced protections for workers. Those policies have led to growing inequality, with stagnations for most of workers’ wages and big jumps in income to the wealthiest Canadians.

The 2015 election should be about change…a change in the direction Canada takes and building an economy that creates jobs and fairness for Canadian working families.

I would ask that every member speak with to your family, friends and co-workers. Have you had enough of this right-wing Harper government? The opportunity for change is coming this year. Vote this Harper Conservative Government out. Support a worker-friendly party, one that stands up for workers’ rights. Together, we can all win!

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